Goal-setting your Dream Website

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I first had a light bulb moment about having a website to promote my business; was not doing some good old fashioned goal-setting to find out what this website was going to be for.  Unfortunately I worked this out almost 18 months later.

I imagine many know exactly what they want their website to do for them.  For those that do not, like myself, I believe sitting down and writing out your website’s goal will go a long way to achieving success. 

You may be familiar with the SMART goal-setting model.  This basically asks that your goal be: Specific; Measurable; Achievable; Realistic and Time-framed.  Alternatively ask yourself:

A few things you might like to include in your website goal-setting are:

As you continue with your goal-setting become aware of any self talk.  Is it positive self-talk such as “what a great idea this is of yours!”  Or more like negative self-talk such as “this is never going to work, what on earth were you thinking?”

If this applies to you, you might like to note what you hear in a journal.  This has always worked exceptionally well for me and might for you too.

First, rule up two columns.  On one side write down your internal self talk whether positive or negative.  In the other column, if you have an internal critic write down what your solution to the problem is and will be.

On the other hand if you have supportive positive self talk you might like to give gratitude for all the positive things that happen in your life as you begin to achieve your goal.  One of the greatest motivators is success so even with a seemingly minor goal that’s achieved it deserves validation including a big pat on the back. 

The last thing I will leave you with however is this, be prepared for setbacks. Not everything works out according to plan, allow for some flexibility.

As Confucius once said a long time ago:

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goalsArticle Submission, adjust the action steps”

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