Goal Setting

For the majority of us, our New Year’s Resolution has now come and gone. Maybe our promises were too big for us, maybe they were not affordable, maybe we needed help from others and they just didn’t cooperate, whatever the reason, all hope is not lost.

Most of us talk to our children about their future. The majority of our conversations regarding their desired future require goal setting skills. How can our children set and achieve their goals when we aren’t setting the example? Instead of taking the risk that they will learn our bad habits, make a plan of action that involves practicing what we preach.

Pick a consistent day and time of the week for goal setting. For example, when the family is gathered together for dinner on Sunday, make a routine of discussing the goal for the next week. It can be as simple as scrubbing out the dog dishes, shaking and washing all of the rugs in the house, writing a distant relative a letter, etc. If the goal is complicated and lengthy, break the plan of action into smaller segments and discuss the accomplishments while planning the next stage.

Remember though, all goals do not need to be labor intensive. Some goals can be for pure pleasure. I remember when my children were very young; I wanted them to enjoy classic books. Several nights a week we put pillows on the floor, made popcorn and read together. These are valuable memories I still hold dear.

Whatever your goals are, short term, long term, work oriented, time sensitive or for enjoyment as a familyArticle Submission, set the goal. Discuss the plan of action to accomplish the goal. The results will be more than worth the effort!

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