Golf Course Markers – Setting The Stage For Setting Your Tee


When you are golfing, you may not think about the golf course markers
all around you, but the truth is that the best designed courses in the
world all pay close attention to this somewhat minor detail. If you are
in charge of maintenance or setting up courses, you need to learn about
this important aspect of the game.

At the Tee Box

The golf course markers used at the tee box are one of the most basic
types of marker in the game. Golfers use this marker to know where to
start play. Most courses have several sets of tee boxes for players of
varying ability levels. Typically, the marker for women players is the
closest to the green, with the marker for beginners, intermediate, and
advanced players further out in that order. Four is the average number
of tee boxes, but some courses will have five.

Near Hazards and Boundary Lines

Hazards and boundaries need a marker so golfers know to avoid them. Any
part of the hole that is unplayable or difficult to play should be
marked. Golfers know that a hazard marker means they can take a drop or
play out of the hazard, but out of bounds areas require them to take a
penalty stroke. Properly differentiating between these two using the
right markers makes the play much simpler and limits any arguments on
the course.


Golf course markers that indicate yardage help golfers judge their
stroke and choose their club. Golfers need to know if they are aiming
for 200 or 100 yards when they tee off, and a properly placed, easily
visible marker gives them this ability. You can use colored poles to
show the yardage, or you can place painted stones. Some courses will
even paint the face plates on the sprinkler heads to indicate the
yardage on the hole. Others will use large painted, slanted stones to
show the yardage. Regardless of the way you do it, make sure the yardage
is clearly marked and visible from the tee boxes and other strategic
areas of the hole.

Choosing Your Options

When purchasing these items, be sure to consider tow important aspects.
First, you need to choose options that are quite visible. Courses have
long holes, and golfers need to be able to spot a marker quickly and
easily, particularly from the tee boxes.

Second, consider the durability of your various options. These items are
exposed to the elements on a daily basis. Both the sun and the rain can
wear down the paint and materials, so choose a marker that is highly
durable. Otherwise you will be replacing it often.

The best courses have quality golf course markers, making it easy for
golfers to find their way around the hole and play the game with
accuracy, while decorative touches add to the overall look of the hole.
Finding the right marker for your situation will help you rank among the
top courses in your area.

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