Google Adsense – Guide to Apply for an Adsense Account

AdSense is considered as one of the most dominant ads instrument
for site publishers. It allows writer to monetize their websites easily. If
used properly, it has big potential to drive some extra passive revenue. To get
and AdSense account, all you need to do is publishing some articles or contents
on a site. The site is not necessary your own site. If you don’t have your own one,
then you can use free publishing sites such as, Squidoo,,
or Hubpages.

The acceptance procedure varies depending on your location.
For US citizens, the process usually only takes less than a week, Canadian and
Briton will take about the same time, but for the majority Asian countries it
can be several weeks. Once accepted, you have to update all required personal
information. Google will send out a snail mail for last confirmation, a PIN
digit will be sent to your payment address and you will need to enter this PIN
into your account before you can become eligible for payments from Google.

Google will only be able to pay you if you provide them with
the information that is required for payments. This includes the payee detail
information that you specified when you apply for an AdSense account. Most of
your private information can be edited later, including country and payee name.
But if your account is not confirmed yet, you cannot change this information at
this stage. My suggestion is to hold the modifications and do it later when
everything are settled.

US citizen need to submit their tax information as well as
payment mode. Western Union is highly recommended if you stay in Asia or
Africa. Once everything done, you can setup your AdSense account and updated
your website with AdSense code.

Advertisers pay Google when somebody clicks on their ads
which are placed on on your webpages. 
For example, if you write content about hand phone, you will likely see
ads from producers or sellers associated to your content on that page.  When someone clicks on those adverts, the
advertiser pays Google and Google pays you. 
Of course, the advertiser is hoping the person that clicked on the
advertisements will actually pay for the services or whatever they’re offering.
Always keep in mindFeature Articles, you and anyone related to you are not allowed to click
your own advertisements. The penalty of violating this regulation will lead
your account canceled.

To start earning you have to get some traffic to your sites.
You can start by writing several excellence articles and included some keyword
in your niche. You need to do some study in these areas for more details. Here
you can catch related contents about Google Adwords keywords tool and guide to
Google Trends. You can also learn how to drive traffic and maximizing your AdSense
revenue websites.

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