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Your dreams of affiliate marketing riches can vaporize quickly without accurate, up to date Google Adwords help if pay per click is how you intend to succeed. These days, if you do not know how to avoid adwords account suspension you are likely to join the many who have fallen victim to an account sweep.Many internet marketers rush to start pay per click advertising hoping to drive high volumes of traffic to their website that will result in sales and commissions. They have the right idea, but they may stumble into a trap.Originally, the rules for online advertising with the major search engines were quite lax, you were a paying customer and they were happy to have you.Now, though, Google has changed quite dramatically.Their goal currently is to provide the best possible customer experience for the visitor who uses their search engine. Customer service to those who buy the ads, however, seems to be barely an afterthought, if that.While they will give you some Google Adwords help on their website, and tell you that they require you to maintain a high quality score for your ad campaigns, they are less up front about what can get you into trouble.Perhaps worse than that, a permanent adwords account suspension can be handed to you without warning or even notification. In the past year or so, they have made “sweeps” where large numbers of accounts were frozen.Once your adwords account is suspended, your only indication may be that your ads that are marked as “ready to go” simply do not run.While a few people have reported actually getting a response from the support team, you are far more likely to get nothing but an automated response. The response may offer you the opportunity to supply additional information, but that will likely result in an identical automated response – gaining you nothing.The key is to prevent your account from being suspended and for that you should get the best Google Adwords help or guidance available.Here are some tips to help:1.) Do not open an account, if you have not already, until you are ready. No sense in taking any risks.2.) Do not try to open multiple accounts. While this seems to make sense on the one hand, it also appears to violate their terms of service which makes your account eligible for cancellation.3.) Find out what topics they do not even want you to place ads for, then avoid them. Use another search engine for those ad campaigns.4.) Keep your adgroups small and tightly focused. Make sure there is high topic continuity from the keyword to the ad to the landing page.5.) Stop any non performing campaigns quickly. This includes any where the quality score drops to a low figure.Again, the best advice I can give is to not even attempt pay per click advertising unless you have found high quality, accurate and timely Google Adwords help to guide you through the entire process.Google is not a company that understands that you may make mistakes when starting out and then get better as you learn.They also do not seen so keen on offering second chances, either.Adwords used to be a fast track to internet marketing riches. Now, though, without accurate Google Adwords help you are in danger of prompt, permanent account suspension without warning or even notification.Learn more about the Google Adwords help experts I turn to when I want to make money online using pay per click advertising of any kind.I have a secret weapon up my sleeve whenever it comes to learning more about how to make money online. Find out what it is at

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