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The office that is tasked to preserve Ohio Divorce Records is the Office of Vital Records, Ohio Health Department. The department has been maintaining divorce documents since 1954 up to this point. Divorce documents are filed and granted at a county of clerk only, but all documented divorce cases are then directed to the Health Department because it is the state’s central repository. The State Health Department cannot issue certified copies of divorce documents because they do not have the approval of the court. They can only issue a basic copy of the documents which contains the names of the couple, when and where the divorce was granted, and more. The details mentioned are very basic but they are enough to verify the validity of a divorce. There are more details that can be found in a divorce document but they are not available for just anyone to view or obtain because they are confidential. They are given exclusively to the couple, their attorneys, and other individuals or organizations that are authorized by the court. There are corresponding charges for each time you request for the documents. The charges depend on the county where the documents are kept, the style of requesting used, and how much details you can give concerning the documents. Basically, if you can provide more details, the shorter the return time will be and the lesser the cost. If you can only supply a few details, then expect the process to be longer and you will be charged with more. All charges can only be paid through check or money order.Websites are a common thing amongst public offices of today, including the Office of Vital Statistics, Ohio Health Department. The websites contain application forms that can be downloaded. On the form is a divorce section that you need to fill-up correctly. A few of the fields that need to be filled-up include the names of the couple, and the place and date where the divorce was finalized. Whether you get the documents at the Health Department or at a clerk of court, you have to observe the protocols that public offices ask of you or else your request will not be accepted. The documents can also be obtained from online search tools. There are search tools that enable you to search all the states in the United States if you are not sure which exact state to do a search on. Do a little research on various search tools first so that you will have an idea if users have a positive feedback on them or not. They have the consent of the court to disseminate such documents, so there is no need to worry about legality issues. If you do not have a clue as to which state the Records of Divorce are kept, find a search tool that lets you do a nationwide search and sustains a database that is linked with the database of other states. Follow directions by the detail and you will get results in no time at all. 

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