Growing car sensors market demand

Good collar technology since April 2012 implementation of the products purchased, received blessings “promotion, the company will” Tibet monk opening blessing Stone Buddha “as a newly listed product (good collar EX760) standard, order a good collar EX760 navigation systems, the delivery opening of the Stone Buddha pendant.

Stone matching accessories: Stone Buddha, beautifully packaged, Stone lanyard, manual of Stone Stone stickers and CD a single page, posters distributed another.

Stone is one of the five major therapies of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine believes that acupuncture Shiyou An God, conditioning the blood, clear the role of the meridian. Inherent in the use of special natural Stone, wake up the body of modern fatigue and activate the body’s lymphatic and blood purification, liver and other organs, and to eliminate excess toxins can enhance the immune ability.

Buddha, the enlightened of the paraphrase, knowledge, consciousness of truth intended. Tatu Buddhism has a mind of compassion, contagious magic, to help the world overcome all difficulties, to protect themselves. This section Maitreya exposed breast and belly, Hei Mei Yue eye, smiling, naive, people see a sudden and devastating warm feeling in people’s minds, the secularization of the Maitreya no longer a noble God. but an optimistic, open-minded friends. “The potbellied allow the world tolerate this thing; opening will laugh, laugh a funny world of people.”

Opening, also known as open bright, eyes open, open, opening the eyes dependent. Also refers to a certain practice achievements by holding the printed Songzhou, plus give special spiritual power to give the items of special spiritual power, the same thing handicrafts can adjust the feng shui items or protecting their own luck. Meet the open light, seeking Jibao You generally can get over incense in the temple or to please the master to preside over the opening, Yin by Songzhou be blessing prayer to enhance the aura. “Buddhist temple down like device letterhead door”: where the new office Buddha like those guru home site car dvd and car gps a few words for the potential of the pen point, straight after opening his King in the eye, opening the eyes of Buddhist, also known as open bright. In Buddhism, after opening, the Buddha is not the original wood carving Stone Sculpture, but on the religious significance of sacred by Buddhists pay homage.

Now the world’s major automotive electronics giant has introduced safety sensors, automotive safety solutions such as Freescale, Infineon, STMicroelectronics, NXP, Renesas and other semiconductor manufacturers have a diverse product line, these enterprises is very targeted.

    Freescale has completed advanced MEMS 8-inch production lines to meet the growing sensors market demand. Advanced 8-inch production line will enable Freescale’s new MEMS sensor can be introduced easily respond to competitive challenges and to improve the products in the power, economic efficiency and volume indicators. Freescale has introduced in 2007 mpmsy8300tpms This TPMS is the industry’s first to contain the capacitive pressure sensor tpms work properly, no matter which tire (including the spare) is a non-optimal tire pressureBusiness Management Articles, TPMS will alert the driver immediately.

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