Hearing Center Help for Your High-Risk Situations


A hearing center can provide you with an update on your auditory abilities. You can check this at any time. It is a good idea for individuals who are at a high risk to have their hearing inspected on a regular basis, even as often as once a year. For those with a lower risk level, though, it may be okay to have a family doctor perform basic tests until you are in your 50’s. At that time, seeing a professional audiologist is the best way to prevent risks to your ability to hear. Know the RisksVisiting a hearing center is one of the most effective ways to check on your ability to hear. The tests performed can tell you exactly what is happening should you be worried about the condition of your eardrum or any other component of the inner ear. However, it is up to you to protect your ability to hear at all times and to do that, you need to know what is risky. There are some sounds that have far more risk than others do. For example, consider the sound levels associated with a few common noises.-A whisper is 30 decibels.-Normal conversation is 60 decibels.-A running washing machine is 70 decibels.These are all considered within the normal range. That indicates that these sounds do not damage your ability to hear. The following are some examples of the risk range, where there is a risk of damage.-A motorcycle creates about 85 to 90 decibels of sound.-A snowmobile or a hand drill creates about 100 decibels of sound.-A rock concert is usually about 110 decibels of sound.Additionally, some sounds can cause damage more frequently. The following are considered the sounds in the injury range.-An ambulance siren has about 120 decibels of sound.-A jet engine taking off is at 140 decibels of sound. This is considered the pain threshold, too.-A 12-guage-shotgun blast has about 165 decibels of sound.-A rocket launch can have sounds as loud as 180 decibels.As you can imagine, the higher the sound level, the more risk to your hearing is present. If you deal with any conditions in which there is a risk range, it is a good idea to visit a hearing center on a regular basis to get additional help and for prevention screenings. Once you lose your ability to hear, it is not possible to regain it again without at least some use of a mechanical device. Those who deal with these sounds on a regular basis due to their job or hobby should be aware of the risk involved and take proper precautions.

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