Helping Hand for Businessmen: The Business Credit Card


You Might have already heard of the term, but what is it really?What is a Business Credit Card?If you are a small business operator, then this will be very handy. Years ago, banks realized that a small business will also need credit. Therefore, a specific kind of card was tailor made for the small business owner’s needs. Typically, there the general applications of a business credit card are fundamentally the same as your average credit card. The difference is in capacity. Credit for businesses should have bigger credit limits since of course the needs and expenses of a company will be more expensive than the individual consumer. There are also differences in the interest rates and other fees. Also, only a registered small business can have one. A business will have its very own FICO score so this kind of card will help establish the score. Reasons Why Some Don’t Want to Get This Kind of CardAny business operators will be a cautious person. There are some who think that a card might provide too much temptation for them to handle since the credit limit is so big. Also, they think that a card will only provide extra expenses especially if they miss a payment. Interest rates for business credit are also big. There are also some problems to this card though and these are surfacing as the recession is in full swing. The thing is, since a lot of small businesses are going down, they are holding on their cards to keep afloat. Now this is a desperate situation it is hurting the banking industry. It might be hard to procure a business credit card today if your company is doing badly.Why a Business Should Get OneDespite one’s mistrust and the popular notion that plastics are evil, one will have to use it at one time or another. Everyone carries plastic. It is a basic necessity. What happens in the end is that these business owners end up using their own personal card for emergency expenses that their business demands. But mixing personal and business expenses will make it so hard for you to manage your finances. It will be confusing and it might lead to your business ruin. Tracking company expenses versus your own expenses is important to any company. If an equipment or machine breaks, if you need to order some emergency supplies due to a last minute order or change, you will be glad to have signed up for business credit. Also, the basic credit line may not be able to cover these kinds of big expenses. You would also want to build up your company’s FICO score as soon as you can because this will be the measure stick of your reliability. If you have a low score, clients and partners will not trust in your trade.

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