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RangoThis animated adventure stars Johnny Depp and is as creative of piece of cinematography as is seen anywhere in the world. The film is set in a western environment comes about when Rango, a normal every day family chameleon (is there such thing?) ends up in the wild and lawless outpost of Dirt.In typical Western, meets comedy, meets cartoon style; Rango is welcomed into the troubled town as the stranger who is the great white hope and is made Sheriff. His efforts to tackle the bad guys and the whimsical and enjoyable nature of the other characters all leads to a film that will be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.The Tree of LifeBased on the Book of Job, this film starring Sean Penn and Brad Pitt is one of the finest of the year. Created and directed by Palme d’Or winner Terrence Malick it is a tranquil and beautiful film and a sensory experience that really has to be savoured.The film is based on a middle aged man’s memories and tries to chart life and its meaning through the device of flashbacks, images of the earth forming and a number of other wondrous images. Brad Pitt is wonderful throughout the film and the movie really captures the questions we ask ourselves everyday about why we are here and what is our purpose on this planet. The film, like all great art has divided people, but it is certainly the release of the year and is a must see for all, if merely to make a decision on it.Captain AmericaThe original superhero, Captain America’s movie is a fine pulpy piece of comic fiction. There are some great performances throughout the movie from Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Evans and Joe Jackson gets the best from the rest of the cast without allowing just the special effects to overwhelm.The films ability to combine a good story, with some great directing makes it far better than many of the other movies in this genre. There is also much in the way of good humour and some of the 40s design is excellent. Johnson even manages to harness some of the feeling of old 1940s movies in the superhero story – no mean feat, and yet it never loses its sense of fun and excitement throughout. An excellent movie for those who are and aren’t fans of the comic book genre and one that stays through to the first Avenger’s roots. This film will be one of the new DVD releases to look out for in 2011 at HMV.True GritThe Coen brothers attempt at remaking the old western that got John Wayne an Oscar stars Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges. The film is true to the book, unlike the original film and the Coen’s really get the most from their actors. An amazing show from Bridges steals the show and really helps make the film.That is not to say the movie doesn’t have some of the brother’s dark humour. The film begins with a young girl (Mattie Ross) who hires Marshal Cogburn (Bridges) to track down her father’s killer. She insists on going with him on the trek and they are joined by Ranger LaBoeuf (Damon) who has his own reasons for catching the killer. Along the way each is tried and has their grit tested in this great remake.The GuardAn offbeat Irish film starring Brendan Gleeson as an uncouth guard situated in an Irish backwater who is trying to foil a huge drug ring. Gleeson is joined by an FBI man in the shape of Don Cheadle. Cheadle’s character’s professionalism and Gleeson’s lack of it makes for a wonderful odd couple adventure, where both men’s patience is tested.The film which was a hit at the Sundance festival is directed by John Michael McDonagh, whose brother directed In Bruges with Colin Farrell – a loveable, funny and very dark film. This film will be one of the new film releases to look out for in 2011 at HMV.

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