How Can Recover Your Blocked Gmail Account?

Do you remember the Gmail customer care number USA and Canada? If you have not saved the number in the contact list of your mobile phone or in the email account, you may be anxious about how to find the number for accessing support.

The blocked Gmail account can be recovered depending on the reason for which it has been blocked. Gmail may block an account due to different reasons. A very common reason is improper use of Gmail account for marketing, sending chain mails and spamming others. In such situations Gmail will consider these activities as violation of its terms of conditions and really block such accounts. One other reason could be suspicious activities in an account which do not match the customer’s ordinary usage habits. Our reasons could be a failure to log into Gmail after several attempts from a different location and a different device.

When a Gmail account is blocked due to sending too many mails in a short period of time or sending bulk mails at once to a large number of users, the account can get blocked for 12 to 24 hours. This may happen frequently if the customer continues with such usage habits. It is basically done to discourage a customer from sending such mails because such large number of mails is sent only for marketing or other reasons in which the recipients may or may not be interested. Gmail doesn’t allow its users to spam the mail box of other users. Therefore, a customer can’t do anything until the account gets unblocked on its own.

In case the account has been blocked due to security reasons, the customers can go to the login page and try to change the password. For this they will have to complete two-step verification to prove their identity. Only then they may be able to access their accounts and change the password. Some users may find that they’re not able to access their account even after two-step verification. In such situations they have no option but to get in touch with Gmail customer support and seek their help to get the account unlocked. In the technical associates and Gmail me ask certain questions which are related to the activity of the customer in the Gmail accounts and confirm their identity. After which the account may be unlocked.

HoweverFree Articles, in case there is any issue or problem one can always get in touch with Gmail customer service to get best possible solutions to overcome variety of problems related to Gmail account. They can immediately resolve the issues because they are fully aware of the working of Gmail and can help customers to get their account unlocked. The technical associates will have the best possible remedies to overcome any problem that a customer might face related to Gmail account.

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