How can you fix the issue of Gmail that has stopped working on the iPhone?

Have you ever experienced a situation when you are entering the right password of your Google account and your email is not loading on your iPhone?

We understand that this is quite irritating when you are getting the alert of entering the correct password or username when you have already done it. However, the problems are many. So, in this article, we will cover some potential solutions that can be taken when these things happen.

Fix the problem of Gmail:

Fixing the problem of Gmail is not a hard task and the issue can be fixed with the help of troubleshooting steps mentioned below. If the Gmail not working and you are fed up trying to open a Gmail, then these are the steps that a user can take to rectify the issue:

This is the foremost step that a user can take to rectify the error of the Google account. This step can help in the proper functioning of Google account again. To do this, open settings, then accounts and passwords. In that, you have to go to the Google section and then in Delete account. Now, sign in again by going in the settings, accounts, and password, add account and google. You have to enter the details now.

This is another method that a user can try when Gmail is not working on the iPhone. For performing this, you have to visit the Captcha reset page where you have to enter your credentials to log in. Now, click on Continue and now try to sign in to your Google account on iPhone.

You can try this method when Gmail not working on your iPhone. This will reset the saved password and network. But, it is recommended to back up your item. Once you are done, go to settings, then GeneralBusiness Management Articles, reset and reset network settings. You have to enter the pass code and then confirm resetting.

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