How Chase Freedom Credit Card Offers Consumers More


There is no doubt that the reliance on credit cards has not waned by any great degree, despite the economic situation. People still use their cards for purchases online, especially. With that in mind, the Chase Freedom credit card has established itself as one of the most consumer-friendly cards on the market.That might seem a strange statement, but the range of incentives that the card offers means that consumers can get more from it than many alternatives, even with lower interest rates.So, cardholders are encouraged to keep using the card while saving money on some purchases and receiving generous cash backs. Little wonder that Chase credit cards are amongst the most in demand.What a Freedom Card OffersLike so many credit cards available from Chase Bank, there is a wide range of benefits available to holders of a Chase Freedom credit card. The card is available to customers with a $50 Bonus Cash Card, which provides a $50 cash back on the first purchase made.As an introductory offer, the Freedom card offers 0% APR on balance transfers for the first 12 months and on purchases for the first 6 months. Once the introductory period if over, the lower interest rate is replaced with a competitive variable rate of 9.99% APR.  But with a 1% cashback on every purchase, and and 5% cash when buying gas and travel tickets, the card still works for the consumer. A $50 Bonus Cash Card association is available with both Visa and MasterCard, available at 12.99% APR. But with this card, Chase credit card holders get up to 10% cash back at selected merchants.Alternative Card OptionsThe Chase Freedom credit card is designed to encourage spending at a time when many of us are reluctant to use our credit cards too much. The affordability of a card is always important to establish before taking it on, and with interest rates now higher, the incentives can at least provide discounts elsewhere.Perhaps that is why the Freedom card is also available with a $100 Bonus Cash Card, issued in association with both MasterCard and Visa. With this version, the lower interest rate of 9.99% is replaced by a 12.99% APR, though this is dependent on market conditions. The card offers a $100 cash back on the first $799, over 3 months.There are also incentives from spending on gas and groceries, and in certain departmental stores, with up to 5% cash back on a quarterly basis. There is also a 20% cash back available when shopping at specified merchants signed up with Chase credit card program.High Competition, Great DealsSome of the features and incentives available with the Chase Freedom credit card may seem overly generous, but the competition between banks is so acute, it is essential that aggressive promotions are maintained constantly.In recent years, the interest rates charged on credit cards have risen, due to the economic and market conditions that have developed since the economic collapse of four years ago. In the absence of lower interest rates many of these incentives are offered in compensation for the interest increases.In that sense, Chase credit cards remain one of the most competitive credit card options on the market, running the bigger banks, like Citi and Bank of America, close in what is a highly competitive market.

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