How Do I Recover my Google Account by Date of Birth?

Forgetting your Google account password is just a common issue that every user confronts once in a while and you are not alone who are facing this issue as there are thousands of users confront this issue due to multiple reasons.

In order to get back to your Google account, you will need to recover it through the multiple ways provided by Google. Each way provided by Google is highly simple and straightforward that one can use to recover their Google account. But there are only fewer ones know about the Google account recovery process and recover a Google account via phone number or recovery email is one among those. But what if you have also forgotten these options? Then you can use the date of birth method to recover your Google account.

How to Recover Google Account with Date of Birth?

Have you forgotten your Google account password along with the recovery options? Then you can simply use other options to get back to your Google account and date of birth is one among those. You can also recover the password of your Google account with the help of the date of birth which is quite simple to recover. You can simply perform Google account recovery by date of birth within quick steps that are mentioned below.

Steps for Google Account Recovery by Date of Birth:

How to Recover Google Account on Android?

Do you access your Google account on Android to send or receive emails? But suddenly you have forgotten your password? Then you would need to recover it if you want to get back to your Google account. You can also recover your Google account on your Android phone if you have the complete knowledge about the recovery process. The process of Google account recovery for Android is very easy and you can perform it within simple steps.

Google Account Recovery on Android

With the help of above-mentioned instructions, Google Account Recovery process can be performed in a very simple way on multiple devices including Android. But if you are still getting any problem during the account recovery processFree Reprint Articles, then contact the customer service team of Google for the relevant support.

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