How Do You Delete a Yahoo Email Account Permanently?

Are you looking to delete your Yahoo email account permanently, if so, then you have to follow this article carefully? Today we will talk about how you can delete your Yahoo email account permanently. 

But, let us establish what means to delete Yahoo accounts. 

What it means to delete the Yahoo account

Not only, emails but you’ll also lose access to your email account. You won’t be able to access the settings, photos and other Yahoo related accounts. The data stored in the Yahoo Customer services accounts will be lost once you proceed to delete your account. 

If you’ve understood all these things and still want to proceed with the deletion, go ahead and look at the steps below.

One thing to remember here is that, if you are using the paid Yahoo subscription, you might want to cancel those subscriptions to avoid unexpected payments in your card. You must make sure that you cancel all Yahoo pro subscriptions, such as flicker and Yahoo mail. Closing the account won’t cancel the membership associated with your account and the amount will be deducted continuously. 

Once your account is deleted, anyone who tries to send a message to your email address will receive a delivery failure message. You must convey the information to your family members and friends to avoid confusion over the email address. 

Now, let’s look at what will happen when you delete the Yahoo account.

How to Delete Yahoo email account

Here are the steps to delete a yahoo account permanently without any hassle.

Now, your account is scheduled for the deletion process. These steps will deactivate the Yahoo account and depending on your region, and it will get deleted in due time. In most of the regions, Yahoo deletes the account in 90 days and sometimes it keeps the data for up to 180 days. However, data connected to a finance account will be kept for at least three years because of the regulations from the government. 

You need to understand that your username, the email address will be deleted and you won’t be able to use them. You can still reactivate your account within the deletion period, so if you change your mindPsychology Articles, Yahoo allows you to reactivate your account. 

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