How to Acquire a Job with the SES

Instructions how SES services can assist you?

Inflict OPM’s senior executive recruiting website; any SES publishing will come out on this site.

Employ to a published SES place or to a Applicant Growth System. Federal
employees withGS-14 or GS-15 categorized position and outdoor
professionals with comparative qualifications may employ for a
Profession Growth System to repose on their executive capabilities and
increase their qualifications for an SES place.

Review the place statement properly to make sure that you fulfill the lowest qualificationsComputer Technology Articles, resume writing services ECQ and capabilities to successfully execute the responsibilities of the place.

Compile your program components. Application specifications can differ
between organizations so read this method guidelines properly to make
sure that you publish the appropriate components. A common SES
publishing will expect you to publish a SES resume
or the Optionally available Application for Federal Profession and
reply to questions or finish stories to show that you fulfill the ECQs
and have other position-related capabilities and capabilities.

Submit to the procedure and any additional testing procedure such as a
criminal history check. Get ready to talk about the information included
in your program components and how your capabilities will advance the
company’s objectives.

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