How to Activate Super Administrator Account in Windows

In the earlier Windows versions, there was only one Administrator account and most single users used it as their main account. But Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista, have another Administrator account called as a secret super administrator account. It is hidden & turned off by default, and is similar to the ‘root’ account in UNIX. The use of the Administrator account is being phased out in Windows Vista, and there’s actually seldom a need to use it, instead of another administrator account.

On installation of Vista, the Administrator account is disabled; but if you upgrade from Windows XP and Administrator is the only active local administrator account, then Administrator remains enabled. In this situation, it is placed in Approval Mode, for purposes of UAC. Since it is not subject to UAC prompts and runs with full administrative privileges, it’s rather risky, to run it on a regular basis. Any application could then have full control of the computer.

Activate Windows Super Administrator Account:

There are two ways for activating windows super administrator account.

Way 1: Enable Super Administrator Account through Command Prompt

Way 2:           Enable Super Administrator Account through Local Users and Groups

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