How To Add a New Email Account in IncrediMail

IncrediMail is one such incredible email program that you can use to send emails with a customized format by adding unique styles, emojis. In this article, you will get the step-by-step directions to add a new email account to the IncrediMail and configure the new account settings using the both ways, including automatic and manual configuration. If you want a hassle-free solution, directly talk to the experts at IncrediMail support number.

As per the name, IncrediMail is a fun and unique email program providing incredible ways to send/receive emails. This program allows you to customize your messages with different kinds of multimedia, such as animated cartoons, 3-D animation, and sounds. If you wish to add a new email client in IncrediMail, it’s relatively easy and straightforward. For any help, you can call on the IncrediMail customer service number. To create a new email account, you can continue with these steps:

Step 1 – Click the ‘Tools’ menu on the IncrediMail main screen, and then choose the ‘Accounts’ option. Now, a ‘Mail Accounts’ dialog box appears. Click the ‘Add’ button to create a new email account or add a new one to an existing account.

Step 2 – At this point, an ‘Account Wizard’ dialog box appears. You can set up the email account settings either manually or automatically.

Method 1 – Configure IncrediMail Account Automatically

The ‘Account Wizard’ recognizes all email accounts set up in other email clients on your PC. You can choose any email account and import their settings into IncrediMail automatically. You can try the following guide to import your email account automatically.

Step 1 – In the ‘Account Wizard’ dialog window, choose the ‘Automatically import my email settings’ option, and then click the ‘Next’ button.

Step 2 – Choose the email account you want to import, and then click the ‘Finish’ button, followed by the ‘OK’ button to close the ‘Account Wizard’ window. After that, you can start using you’re newly set up email account.

Method 2 – Configure IncrediMail Account Manually

If you have not configured your email account elsewhere on your PC, you require setting your email account up manually in the IncrediMail. You can follow these steps to do so:

Step 1 – Input your Display name, and then the email address into the correct text fields. Now, click the ‘Next’ button. If you have the Internet connection, IncrediMail tries to fill out the email server settings automatically.

Step 2 – If you’re not connected to the Internet, you should either connect to or click the ‘Skip’ button and input the incoming and outgoing email servers into the appropriate fields.

Step 3 – Choose the incoming email service type – IMAP or POP3 – input the incoming and outgoing email servers. Click the ‘Next’ button.

Note – IncrediMail doesn’t support the IMAP folder synchronization, you can still leave copies of emails on the mail server. This way lets you download all incoming messages to the computers and email accounts.

Step 4 – Type your IncrediMail account username and the password, which is provided by the ISP, and click the ‘Finish’ button.

Step 5 – Click the ‘OK’ button to close the ‘Account Wizard’ dialog window. Now, you can continue using your newly configured email account.

After making a successful configuration, you can start sending and receiving emails from your IncrediMail account. However, if none of the steps as listed above worked to add a new email account to the IncrediMailArticle Search, it’s highly suggested to give a call to the professionals to learn the stepwise directions for configuring the new account settings. All you require is to contact at the IncrediMail support number. Even they will also help you get rid of other technical setbacks associated with IncrediMail program.

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