How to Choose a Waxing Kit


You will find many hair removal brands selling waxing kits and many types of wax. A lot of your choice will come down to personal preference but you probably want to take these factors into account.1. BrandThe actual ingredients in waxing kits are similar but the most trusted brand is the one used most often by salons – GiGi wax. There are a lot of natural ingredients in their waxes. If you prefer another brand choose one with a reputation in the hair removal market such as Veet or Nair.2. FormatWax kits are available where you heat the wax in a wax warmer (sometimes supplied), on the stove or in the microwave. There are also cold wax kits on the market. The most effective kits are hot wax kits as these are more efficient at gripping and removing hair. Wax warmers make it easier to get the temperature of the wax right so that there is little danger of burning your skin.3. FragranceThis is a personal preference. The fragrance tends to mask the natural smell of the wax rather than change it completely but you can get all sorts of floral and other fragrances. Fragrance is probably the most important factor which makes men choose a waxing kit for men rather than a standard kit. Understandably men prefer a less feminine fragrance. Sometimes these kits are packaged for and aimed particularly for men.4. PriceAs in everything there is a variation in price. If you are not sure which kit to choose, buy the cheapest one where all the other factors are right and test it out. Then you need only pay more if the kit proves unsatisfactory in some way.

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