How to Choose Flowers


Choosing the amountChoosing how many glowers or what sorts of flowers you wish to buy is one of the fundamental decisions that have to be made when choosing flowers. Deciding on whether to purchase a single flower, a bouquet or a pot plant is a big decision when choosing flowers.Single flowers, such as a rose are ideal for romantic occasions and signify intent and romance. Whereas, bringing one single flower to someone’s new home would be ludicrous, in such a case a pot plant, preferably a perennial, would be preferable as it stays flowered all year and offers permanence.Bouquets are more suitable for specific occasions and signify an array of different things depending on the flowers involved.TimingThe time the person receives the gift is very important. As we have mentioned, pot plants are ideal for new houses, whereas bouquets are suitable for weddings and a whole selection of other events. Whereas it is fine to bring a pot plant to a house when you visit, it is better to send a bouquet to an event beforehand, so it can be displayed when the event is taking place. This will be appreciated far more by the people you give the gift to.Understand the meaningFlowers have been given as a gift for millennia now and they all have meanings. Roses for instance symbolise simplicity, tulips love and ivy is a symbol of fidelity. Understanding what each of these mean can have a huge effect on your flower choice. You don’t want to send ivy to your aunt or for that matter tulips to your mother if they understand the meaning of the flowers this may be truly embarrassing.NoteTo ease any o the above confusion, a small note or a token of affection is a great way to add meaning and also that little something extra to your flowers. Most flowers are sent with cards and for gifts for her a little note or memento can add a lot more meaning.Notes show that there has been a lot of thought in the purchasing of the flowers and can really brighten up the present and make it even more appreciated by the person who you are giving them to.The person’s demeanourAs with everything, different people have different tastes and so you should try and match the person’s needs and wants to the flowers or the type of flowers you are sending them. Quiet people may be far more appreciative of a single rose than a large, extravagant bouquet and the opposite is also true. Try and get to know the person, do a little research and heed the aforementioned advice to suit the flowers to the person.LiveFresh flowers are an essential; don’t get flowers a number few hours before you have to give them to the person as by that stage they will be dead. Make sure flowers are live and at their peak when you give them to the person. Keep them in water for as close to the time you are giving them away as possible and then they will look as healthy as possible when you give them as a gift.Where to orderThere are a number of ways you can get flowers when you wish to give them as a gift. The Internet is one such way and offers a wide variety of flowers for all the needs you can think of. Department stores such as Woodies and others also stock flowers for gifts, though these can be better for pot plants than for bouquets. Of course your traditional flower shop is also a great way to get flowers and they will also give you advice on what to choose. Whichever way you chose to get your flowers, our guide should help you.

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