How to Choose Payment Processor

If an online retailer or a merchant wants to be successful in e-commerce industry, there is a necessity for the right tools for secure online payment processing. Instead of setting an internet merchant account and handling transaction through the payment gateway, merchants can use payment processors as a reasonable and affordable payment solution. A payment processor is the right option at the initial stage of running business online.

When searching for a suitable payment processor that facilitates running daily operations, the following aspects should be taken into account. Dealing with online transactions, online merchants are responsible to maintain security and pertinent protection against illicit activity. In these terms, PCI compliance is the prior aspect that influences the choice of a payment processor or an internet merchant account. Protection against online fraud and theft is employed through the Address Verification System and Card Verification Value. The mentioned above techniques are likely to guarantee safety of internet transactions to both a merchant and a customer.

The second aspect to keep in mind lies in transaction fees and charges determined by a payment processor or payment gateway provider. Unless a customer isn’t certain about the payment policy of any particular provider, it isn’t reasonable to carry out online payments.  

Support for multi-currency is another aspect that impacts on the choice of a payment processor. To do with online payment processing in various foreign currencies, the chosen payment processor should be verified for compatibility with major credit card brands that include MasterCard and Visa.

The choice of the right payment processor can also depend on payment limits and recurring billing option. The last payment option can be especially popular with online customers who are to make recurring payments once or twice a month or year.

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