How to configure Windows Live Mail for Gmail

Are you looking to configure the services of Gmail in Windows Live Mail?

By configuring the services of Gmail in Windows Live Mail users will be able to send and receive mails of Gmail account in Windows Live Mail. But for that users will need to ensure that they have configured the mail account in an effective manner else things may not work in an effective manner. In order to ensure that such things are happening in a correct manner users can simply follow the below mentioned step by step procedure and get their things done.

Steps to configure Windows Live Mail for Gmail:

Step 1: First of all enable the IMAP in Gmail account and then select Mail from the Windows Live Mail menu.

Step 2: Users can now click on Add an email account and then type in the Gmail address, password, and display name for your account.

Step 3: Users can now check on Manually Configure server settings for email account and then they can click on Next.

Step 4: Users can now fill in all the incoming and outgoing mail server details and then they can click on Next, FinishBusiness Management Articles, and then on OK.

Step 5: After having filled in all the relevant information users can then click on Next and then they can click on Finish to ensure that account setup has been completed successfully.

Are you unable to configure Windows Live Mail for Gmail?

If you are unable to fill in the details of the incoming and outgoing mail server or have some other difficulties when following the above mentioned steps then instant advice can be taken from the immensely qualified and skilled technicians who have years of rigorous experience in the similar domain. They offer effective troubleshooting steps for any of the underlying issue or error only via dialing the 24/7 Windows Live Mail Technical Support phone number. The technicians after analyzing the users issue can guide users for the solution via remote technical assistance in which the technicians remotely access the users system to fix the issue or perform required troubleshooting steps to resolve your account issue.


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