How To Cure BV Using Home Solutions


BV (or Bacterial Vaginosis) is a condition in women wherein foul-smelling vaginal discharge is produced due to bacteria overgrowth in a woman’s private part. Vaginal itch may also accompany this fishy smelling discharge. Normally, BV can go away on its own even without taking antibiotics. Nonetheless, due to the discomforts felt from the condition, women would like to know how to hasten their vagina’s healing process; they wish to know how to cure BV using home solutions. ProbioticsOne home treatment that is helpful in treating BV is the use of probiotics.  There are capsule supplements of probiotics that can be bought from healthcare stores. The capsule can be cracked open and inserted into the affected organ. Perform this treatment at a minimum of once a week to allow healthy bacteria reestablish themselves.   VitaminsInfection occurs when the body is not fit and healthy enough to fight bacteria and germs.  Thus, you need to consider making yourself healthier in order to get rid of BV. Aside from eating healthy foods, you also need to take vitamin supplements like A/B complex/C/D and E. These vitamins are known for their antioxidant properties that can help women with BV. Vitamin E also comes in topical cream form or powder that can be directly applied to the vagina for itch relief. YogurtYogurt can be used in two ways. First is that you can eat yogurt everyday to help restore the normal levels of bacteria in the flora. You can choose any flavor of yogurt to eat. Second is that you can also insert the yogurt directly into the vagina. Get a clean tampon and soak in the yogurt before inserting it into your organ. If you want to use yogurt this way, make sure that you use plain yogurt and not the flavored ones.  The added ingredients in flavored yogurt like fruit bits and sugar may cause further irritations. Apple Cider VinegarThis home solution offers a lot of uses and benefits.  One benefit is that it can effectively ease the symptoms and discomforts caused by bacterial overgrowth. To use apple cider vinegar, all you have to do is add about two cups of it in the tub water and then soak in this mixture for approximately 20 minutes. The vinegar will help get rid of the BV-causing toxins. Tea Tree OilTea tree oil has antibacterial properties that will truly help eliminate BV.  You can add several drops of this oil in the water you will use for bathing or washing your private part.  You may also directly rub some on the affected area. Use only a small amount and be careful when using concentrated tea tree oil. Gentle SoapsWhen washing your privates, make sure that you will not use harsh soaps that contain irritating chemicals. Instead, use hypoallergenic soaps that will gently, yet effectively clean your vagina.Aloe VeraThe freshly extracted gel from this wonder leaf can be directly applied to the affected private organ. This will help relieve burning and itching sensation you are enduring.  pH levelsBV results from imbalances of pH levels in the body. Therefore, one effective solution that you can practically perform is to cut out on sweet foods and treats.  Stress can also affect your pH levels so try to reduce the amount of stress in your body by performing activities that can help you relax and calm down.

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The BV Miracle E-book contains the information you need for regaining the natural flora. Natural Bacterial Vaginosis Cure is also a recommended product for naturally curing BV.    
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