How to Fix Slow Outlook IMAP Folder Synchronization Issues?

It may be that you may have synchronized your Outlook account but it may not be working effectively or it may be running very slowly.

Such issues arise because users may not have synchronized their mail account in a proper manner. In order to fix this issue users can either seek assistance from Outlook technical support number or else users those who have sound technical knowledge can simply follow the below mentioned sequential procedure and get their things done instantly and within a short span of time.

Steps to follow in order to fix slow Outlook IMAP folder synchronization issues:

Step 1: Open your Outlook account and then click on the “Send/receive” tab.

Step 2: Users can then click on “Send/receive groups” followed by “Define send/receive” groups which is the second option from the bottom.

Step 3: Users can then click on “New” and then type in the name in the group and when done then click on “OK”.

Step 4: Users can then choose IMAP as the account which is on the left side of the screen and then check on “Include the selected group in this group” box.

Step 5: Users can then check on the boxes which is available and if having more than one IMAP account then repeat steps 3 and 4. If unable to get the step then seek assistance from Outlook customer service number.

Step 6: When done then click on “OK” and then select “All Accounts”.

Step 7: The next thing users can do is click on “Edit” and then choose every IMAP account that is available except for “Include the selected account in the group”.

Step 8: Finally users can click on “OK” and then click on “Close” to complete the process.

Are you unable to get the above mentioned steps?

If that is so then do not worry as the certified technicians would be always happy and eager to assist you as they are meant for this purpose. In order to get instant troubleshooting steps all the users can simply dial the 24/7 Outlook contact number and tell the expertise of the domain that they are unable to get the above mentioned steps. The certified technicians will then quickly perform troubleshooting steps to fix the issue via different technical assistance modes which are remote assistance, onsite assistanceBusiness Management Articles, and live chatting and mail support. But the preferred mode is remote assistance as in this case the technicians remotely access the system to troubleshoot the issue. Other modes can be availed only when the technicians are available in some nearby locations or depends upon the availability of the technicians. So don’t make things complex from now onwards as online services are available all the time to get the issues fixed within the shortest span of time. Services are also purely legit and premium which means users have the authority to seek assistance from the technicians without any sort of hesitation. So what are you waiting for now?

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