How to get support for Google Account Recovery

Google is a web based company that offers various products and services. The best and most widely used product of Google is its search engine.

Millions of users use it in their day to day life. Gmail, Google Drive, Maps, YouTube, Play Store etc. are Google’s products that have helped users in enhancing their technical level. Users need to create a Google account to use the Google services. While most of the Google services are free to use but some products and services needs to be purchased. Users can choose the products and services according to their requirement. However there may be certain issues while accessing Google account. But don’t worry Google customer service is ready to help you all the time.

How to recover Google Account

There are situations when you lose your Google account password. It is difficult to remember lots of email id as well as its password. Losing or forgetting password is a common issue. But you don’t need to worry if you have lost your Google account. Follow these steps when you need to recover your Google account in case of lost password:

Open Gmail login page.

Enter your email id in the email field.

Click Next.

Click on “Forgot Password?” option.

If you remember your last used password then enter it in the field shown over the screen and click on Next.

Else click on “Try another way”.

Choose your account recovery method.

Get a text message or voice call over the registered mobile number.

Or get a password reset link over the recovery email address.

Enter the code received in text messageFree Reprint Articles, or click on the link received in the email.

Set a new password for your google account and re-enter it to confirm.

That’s it. Your Google account has been recovered and now you can access it using your new password.

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