How to Hotmail password recovery?

Do you have a sign in problem with your Microsoft account? If yes, maybe you have forgotten your account password and entering a wrong password.

Or maybe your account is under unauthentic access; i.e., somebody has hacked your account and changed the password. Here we have a genuine way by which you can recover your Microsoft account password. Here you can learn the steps of Hotmail password recovery

How do I recover my Hotmail password on a mobile device?

•        Open your home screen
•        Click on the Outlook app icon
•        Now you will have to enter your email address
•        Go to the below the email address field and tap Add Account
•        It will bring you to the password entry page
•        Go to the bottom of the screen and click on the Forgot my password link
•        You will get the chance to check the I forgot my password box
•        It will be the top option on the page
•        Click on Next at the bottom portion of the screen
•        Now you need to click on the Enter the characters you see text box
•        Type the characters of the code box here
•        Click on Next icon
•        Now you need to ensure an account recovery option
•        Either you need to click on Email or Text
•        You will see the Email option if you have not registered the backup phone number
•        Click on I don’t have any of these and follow the on-screen instructions if you don’t find any option here
•        Enter your full email address or last four digits of your phone number
•        Go to the lower-right corner of the page and click on Send Code
•        A six-digit recovery code will be sent to the provided option
•        In the case of Email, you can retrieve the recovery code by opening the recovery email address and selecting the email from Microsoft account team
•        In the case of Text, you can retrieve the recovery code by opening your phone’s Messages app and clicking on the text from Microsoft
•        Click on Enter the code field and enter the recovery code
•        You will now get the opportunity to enter a new password and confirm it

Have you done with the account recovery?

If you are unable to recover your account, we suggest you to dial Hotmail helpline number – the universal Hotmail Helpline Number. This number is deeply engaged in serving the account users by catering a wide range of services. No matter when you dial itFind Article, you are likely to get assisted. Clearing your browser history or signing in to your account from a different internet browser is the other thing you can do other than the Hotmail password reset. 

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