How to Improve Ecommerce SEO Services in India?

A well-optimized eCommerce website is the dream of every entrepreneur. Here we are enlisting practically proved ways of improving the search engine ranking of your website

India is becoming the biggest marketplace in the eCommerce domain and there is a great demand for eCommerce SEO services in India. It is a fact that developing a website is like making a jet. You may have created the best thing, but if it fails to compete in the market, it is useless!  
Here we will be discussing the real and genuine ways of SEO services for eCommerce website:
Customize Your Website
In past few years, Google laid greatest emphasis on conversion of ‘HTTP’ protocol to ‘https’ (secure) format because eCommerce websites are also integrated with banking networks so security is primary requirement. Secure marketplaces attract more customers. Design your website in a horizontal layout, keeping a maximum of 25 to 30 items per page for good customer experience. Shorten the item URLs by reducing the long paths and merge excessive subcategories of the items. Improve the loading speed of pages by having powerful servers. Believe us, these tiny steps will change the fate of your eCommerce website. These are the trade secrets of established web developers which are the thinktank of eCommerce SEO services in India.
Add Video Descriptions of Products

People get more attracted to video stuff. Video intros and demos increase the potential customers for your eCommerce website. Most Indian customers prefer to watch real-time unboxed product before placing the order to stay secure from scams. Video content can increase web traffic up to 200 times. Don’t forget to add small paragraphs of product descriptions along with video. It will help search engines to better understand your video as well.
Social Media Promotion

Everyone is using different social media platforms these days. If you advertise your eCommerce business on social media, eventually it will increase the visibility of the merchandize content. More views will result in more sales. On one hand social media can be used to answer the queries of customers but will also help to display the products as well. Make your social media portals more attractive through displaying any discounts and loyalty programs. Start small bundle offers for items of similar categories like kitchen items, clothing, and personal grooming itemsBusiness Management Articles, etc.
Unique Product Descriptions

Segregated and highlighted the merits and demerits of your products will help the customers to decide whether to buy or not. Ambiguous product descriptions confuse customers. All products showcased on the website should have easily understandable descriptions followed by pros and cons and salient features. Categorize the displayed items in unique categories and subcategories making it easy for customers to find related articles. Like clothing category subdivided to shirts and trousers’ subcategories etc.
User Reviews

User reviews are the soul of a digital marketplace. Most of us read the reviews and comments of customers before placing the order. More than 90% of customers rely on customer reviews as compared to endorsement by family or friends. Reviews and star ratings should be prominently shown on the product description page. Search engines also read these comments for indexing of webpage so these should be integrated into the source code of webpage. Always embed the comments sections in the HTML code of website and display below the item description.

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