How to include an image in your Gmail account signature

As you can deduce, the process of putting an image in the signature of the Gmail account is quite simple and will not take more than a couple of minutes. Don’t jump to the instructions just yet. Read the important points below:

Step 1:- Any image currently online, on a website or Facebook, can be put into the signature of the Gmail account. You just have to make sure it’s public.

Step 2:- More than one image can be included in the signature. However, unless you have a very valid reason, keep the number to a minimum. Remember, a single image has a greater impact and looks much more polished!

Step 3:- You cannot resize the image once you place it in the signature. Make sure the dimensions are fit.

Step 4:- In addition to width and height, the image file size should be optimized so that it takes a minimum time to load.

Once the image is online on a server all that is required is to use the copy and paste commands to embed it in the signature of the Gmail account.

The steps below have been done in the Google Chrome web browser running a Windows 7 computer using the standard Google account interface.

13. The signature of the Google account with an image

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