How To Live in The Now And Set Future Goals?


If you are serious about setting goals yet you are trying to “be in the
now” as the Buddhists and recently Echkart Tolle advocate, then you
will want to read this article thoroughly. There are many schools of
thought when it comes to goal setting. Some schools emphasize setting
goals for the future all the time while other schools focus on “just
doing the best in this moment”. There is apparently a discord between
the two. If you are the kind of person that does want to achieve your
lofty goals and at the same time, wants to stay grounded, focused in
the now, and alert to what is happening here and now, you seem to have
a dilemma on your hands.Is it possible to resolve this dilemma?
Let’s see. In a standard goal-setting program, available in similar
forms for the past 100 years, one needs to just focus on the desired
goal. Keep it in mind, make it clear visually, make it clear auditory,
and make it emotional. But how does that agree with staying in the now?
Also, in the standard goal-setting program, one does not need to
concern himself with the way the goal is achieved. The details of the
time evolution toward your goal, so the instructions say, will be left
to the future. One only needs to concern oneself with imagining the
goal and feeling good about it. Can that be enough? Are we really not
to know anything about the details of the development ahead of time?Clearly,
attempting to grasp all the details is out of question. We live in a
complicated world. Everything changes daily. It is simply not possible
to know the details in advance. But can we require more than just
leaving the entire in-between now and the fulfillment of the goal, out
of our request? How much can we require regarding our path to our
stated goal?Some modern goal setters, such as Marc Allen,
demand for their path to the goal to be easy and relaxed, so they will
feel good, and not stressed, not only when the goal is accomplished,
but also all the while they are on their way toward accomplishing the
goal. This certainly seems a reasonable requirement. Yet, not too many
successful people have followed this path. Anecdotes of miserable
multimillionaires abound.And now, we seem to be adding yet
another requirement. We want to be conscious, in the now, present, all
the time. Another reasonable requirement. Are the requirements of
feeling good, and relaxed, and being in the now and completely present,
at all compatible with the goal setting and achieving?Here the
principle of abundance comes to rescue. The principle states that yes,
all our goals that are sincere, are achievable. But it also reminds us
that there are infinitely many paths to our goals. The principle of
abundance states that there are paths to our goal that are pleasant,
easy, that do not cause us stress. So how do we find these
paths that are easy and pleasant? We need to be observant and flexible.
These traits come automatically when you live in the now. Living in the
now means paying attention to your surroundings, to everything you have
access to, either within or without. And living in the now means not
being attached to anything, possessions, thoughts, anything. That is
the ultimate flexibility.This article argued that, when you
decide to live in the now, you have, through intensive observation, and
ultimate flexibility, the ability to pick your ultimate goal, and stay
on a path to that goal that is unknown, yet always easy and stress
free. So not only is being in the now and focusing on your goal
compatible, it is the ultimate way to achieving your goals in an
effective, fast, and stress-free way.

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