How to Mac Users can Export Hotmail Account to iPhone

The article post is all about Hotmail account and information of Hotmail features & updates. You can get help from the Hotmail Support Australia Team for help on different issues by dialing 1-800-875-274.

Microsoft introduced the most demanded email feature in the recent years. The Hotmail on iPhone was just like a big surprise for all the users, who never want to miss replying important email. It is easy to setup email account on iPhone. The setup process executes automatically via the secured internet connection. Once the setup completes, you can manage Inbox right from the comfort of your palm. For exporting the Hotmail from Mac to iPhone, there’s an easy process to follow. The Hotmail tech support provides full support to assist the users to transfer the email from Mac to iPhone. With the successful, the important messages, contacts and backup get exported.

Most important point to remember, the email on the phone needs to sync with the mail settings directly from the mail app saved on the Mac. Once the synchronization completes, the email get copied from Mac to iPhone.

Step1- First, you need to connect the iPhone to the PC by utilizing the USB cable. Next, you need to plug-in the other side of the cable to the lower port of the phone.

Step2- Further, hover the mouse cursor and click on the icon of iTunes from the desktop’s screen. This will automatically start the program.

Step3- In the third step, you need to move to the option Devices. This option appears on the iTunes left hand side window. For more info, simply click on the info option appearing on the iTune window.

Step4- In the next step move to the info page to the email section. Just check the option “Sync Email Account” option. This will confirm that you are ready to sync the mail settings.

Step5- This is the final step, where you need to tap on the Apply option.

Hotmail users it is confirmed that now or later, you will face problems while availing the email service. The most common email problems occur, password lost, recover deleted email, advanced settings, create backup, and restore backup. To avoid such problemsBusiness Management Articles, contact the Hotmail support Australia. It is always helpful to take help from the professionals for email related queries.

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