How to Open a Liberty Reserve Account in Nigeria in 3 Simple Steps


Liberty Reserve is an online payment module very much like PayPal, only that it has a lower fee processing value and is available for all countries – unlike PayPal. If you’re currently in Nigeria and are having a problem with online money transfer, you can easily use the Liberty Reserve system. PayPal services are not available in Nigeria and therefore create quite a problem for people who want to earn the dollar value there. If you have an online business in Nigeria, do not worry; you can now process money transfers using the Liberty Reserve system. It’s easy, it’s fast and its affordable. All you need to do is visit a website that acts as a liberty reserve exchanger and can help you earn that amount. Here’s what you need to do in order to open a liberty account in Nigeria. 1). Open an Account at a Liberty Reserve Visit the Liberty Reserve website and sign up for an account. You need to make sure all details are accurate and that you give in a valid email address along with a security question and answer for any future reference. Once done, you’ll enter your password, login pin and master pin. Keep these pins safe with you. At the final process, the website will provide you with a liberty reserve account number that you can later use to buy or sell funds. You will then have to register at a Liberty Reserve Exchanger in order to go about with the funds processing system. The list of exchangers for your respective country is given at the website. 2). Open an Account at a Liberty Reserve Exchanger Creating an account with Liberty Reserve Exchangers is pretty easy and all you need to do is fill up their sign up form and provide accurate details. The sites support both personal and business accounts and though the personal account is pretty easy to access, business accounts may need a proper verification process of your business. You will need the exchange service in order to store, add and withdraw funds. 3). Add or Withdraw Funds Now that you have both the accounts opened, you can use the exchanger to add or withdraw funds anytime you need. Note here though that you have to be very careful of the exchange rates and the fee processing unit that is charged with every exchange you make.

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