How to Open AT&T Landline Voice Mail?

Learn how to open the AT&T landline voicemail and manage voicemail effectively. This article will guide you with the process of inspecting the voicemail messages. For other queries visit the official site for AT&T Support.

AT&T is ranked as the most demanded local and distance home telephone service in the US. To retrieve the voice message, you need to check the voice mail message from the sender on AT&T landline. Checking the AT&T Mail is simply a process of following the right options on the phone. The AT&T online customer care services are rightly framed for assisting users, who need help for managing the voice mail.

Important things you need to open the AT&T Voice mail

Steps to check the AT&T Landline Voice Mail

Step 1: Pick the telephone receiver and wait for the dial tone.               

Step 2: Dial *98 from the phone’s keypad. Dial the home phone number + area code and press 9 if you are not at home and wish to check AT&T Landline voicemail. Now you will hear the voicemail greeting.

Step 3: Type the password that you created while setting the voice mail service for the first time. Enter the password using the smartphone keypad. In case you forgot the password, dial the AT&T customer care number available at the top of the phone bill and request for password reset, so you may access the voice mail.


How to retrieve messages for residential lines?

Step 1: Dial *98 if you are calling from the same AT&T line for which the sender has left the message. You can also dial the 10 digit phone number along with the access code and press # to access voice mail. Alternatively, you can press 9 after dialing the home phone number and pressing 9 anytime during the process.

Step 2: Utilize the access code process, if you are calling from a different phone number other than a personal AT&T home phone. For best results, press 9 when you hear the voice mail greeting, after dialing your AT&T home phone number.

Step 3: Type the pass code to access the voice mail.


How to retrieve messages for cellular lines?

Step 1: Dial the AT&T phone number and wait for voice mail greeting.

Step 2: Press (*) anytime during the voicemail greeting.

Step 3: Enter the voice mail code when prompted.

Step 4: Press “1” to hear the voice mail messages.

Voice mail messages are common these daysPsychology Articles, the advent of hybrid mobile phones has evolved a great opportunity for AT&T users to access voice messages anytime and anywhere. Interested readers can consult AT&T customer care for wireless devices and email connection. The tech support teams boast to offer guaranteed solutions with cost effective results.

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