How to Play Fantasy Football League


If you are new to fantasy football and you are not sure how and where to start when setting up your fantasy league football, don’t worry because there’s a lot of fantasy football sites on the internet. It if really not as hard as you think it is.Before setting up you fantasy league football, you must first find your opponents. Ask your friends, family, or co-workers if they would like to play. It is fun if they join your league. The suggested number of teams should end up with an even number like 10 or 12 because with that, it is enough to thin out the player pool so that the teams will not all be loaded. The thinner the player pool the harder the league gets. If you can’t come up with enough people don’t worry, there are always public leagues on sites like or next thing you need to do when setting up your fantasy league football is to consider a scoring system. Fantasy football players are given points each week for their stats and the team with the most points wins their match. Players normally get 1 point for every 10 yards of rushing and receiving, 1 point for every 25 yards of passing and six points for touchdowns. Kickers get points for field goals and extra points and defenses get points for turnovers and sacks. These numbers can be modified to make the scoring higher or lower so you can tweak with its stats. Mostfantasy league football setup allows modification of numbers and shows you the player rankings after the change. If you don’t like how it looks, you can always adjust it again to your preference.Lastly, you need to figure out when and how you are going to start your fantasy league football drafts . Before the internet, people used to hold drafts in person by meeting up at one place. Now you can also do it online especially if your league is spread out in different places around the United States, or even the world. That is the best option, although holding a local live draft in person, it is always still fun.Fantasy league football is one way to enjoy your favorite NFL game and create a whole lot of new experience. Head over to and check out their state of the art software and amazing one day fantasy leagues for Fantasy football, Fantasy Baseball, and many other fantasy sports.

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