How to Prevent Child Obesity?

Though obesity does not directly cause death but it’s the diseases caused by obesity like high blood pressure, cancer or diabetes that plays a crucial role in premature passing away of the obese people.  The prevention of obesity is extremely important if we take into account the hazards and disadvantages associated with it. Here we will discuss some easy ways to prevent child obesity.

– The proper education of pregnant women is very important as generally they develop health awareness during pregnancy. If proper habits of eating and living are developed during this period, it is likely that they may continue for lifetime. And besides that afterwards their children may also imbibe them. Those babies who develop correct habits in their childhood are saved from obesity in their later life.

– There should be proper diet control during the first year of infant’s life. Generally the fat in the human body is in the form of independent adipose tissues. Usually fat cells are formed during the first year of an infant’s life, and their number does not increase afterwards. So, if an infant is overfed during the first year of its life, the number of fat cells exceeds the normal limit. Later on, fat gets deposited in these cells, eventually causing obesity. In other words, if the number of fat cells is not allowed to exceed normal limits, the chances of developing obesity are also reduced.

– The large intake of carbohydrates plays a crucial role in causing obesity. If an infant is not overfed with carbohydrates during the first year of his life, the possibility of his becoming obese later on are reduced almost nil. In short, do not let the child develop carbohydrate addiction. Right from the beginning, encourage him to cultivate the habit of taking proper and balanced diet.

– For a child, breastfeeding is very helpful in fighting against obesity. Several researches show those breasts fed babies are less obese than those fed on external milk.

– Always insist that your child should chew his food properly. His food should not be so soft that he can gulp it down his throat without making any effort to chew it.

– SometimesArticle Submission, parents don’t let their children participate in sports or other physical activities. They are always afraid that their child will be hurt if he indulges in any such activity. This lack of activity may develop obesity in your child.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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