How to Prevent Users from Abandoning the Ecommerce Checkout Process

Not revealing pricing up front – Users want to know exactly what they are in for. You need to be up front about product pricing and, shipping and handling costs. Don’t try to trick users about pricing. Ever. Poor usability

– The process needs to be seamless, fast, and intuitive. Make buttons big and obvious. Error handling should make it very easy for users to go back and fix mistakes. Asking for too much information

– Fields like Mr./Miss/Mrs., Title, Company, Fax, Home Phone and Business Phone are not particularly valuable to you, and can really frustrate a user. Eliminate them and make the process shorter. Auto fill any information that you can. Have the country field default to US. Auto fill the shipping address. Not presenting the process in steps –users respond to processes that are presented in steps. They also want to know where they are in the process and how much they have left to complete. We’ll segment the checkout process. Forcing users to register in order to buy

– Buying should be as easy as possible. Users have a block when it comes to registering. These are busy people. We need to let them get in, buy, and get out. Presenting outside links or navigation

–How often have you clicked on an outside link and then come back to find all the information that you have just added missing? Let’s keep the users focused on checking out. Follow these best practices and you will increase your conversions dramatically. By giving your customers a pleasant buying experiencePsychology Articles, you will turn them into lifelong advocates of your products and service.

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