How to promote an online casino: Top 6 marketing tools

Today there are a large number of gaming platforms, and new online casinos continue to open. For a business to be successful, it is necessary to take into account many factors, one of them is competent marketing. We offer to figure out how to promote online casinos and what advertising tools for gambling platforms exist.

1. SEO optimization

SEO is website optimization for the requirements of search engines, most often Google and Yandex. If the resource is well optimized, the user will be able to find it simply by driving a keyword or expression into the search, for example, “play HTML5 casino games”.

There are 2 types of optimization: external and internal. External is aimed at increasing the link mass, which leads to the site, on third-party resources. That is, the more often the institution is mentioned on the Web, the more its traffic will be.

Internal optimization is the work on the components of the resource: texts, site structure, code, etc. The search engine scans the content of the site and makes its conclusion about its usefulness. As a result, the institution may decrease or increase in extradition.

SEO is a very powerful promotion tool, but only in the right hands. Do not do this yourself, as the results may not please you.

2. SMM

It may seem to you that SMM is simple. In fact, writing posts, setting up advertising campaigns and analyzing them is a real art. One unsuccessful word in a promo post or comments can lead to huge reputational losses. If you use social networks correctly, you can achieve brand awareness and increase sales.

For the promotion of online casinos, social networks like Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki are perfect. If you have the opportunity and the means to create video content, great – then you can also use Youtube. Use these channels with caution to get maximum performance.

3. Display Advertising

This is a very popular type of promotion, which is considered one of the most profitable. Its essence is that advertisements are targeted to a specific audience and displayed on certain resources that this audience visits. The context has entangled not only search engines, but also entertainment sites, email services, sports sites. All the resources that are on the World Wide Web can be used as a platform for advertising.

4. Affiliate Programs

They allow sellers to post information about their products or services on other sites in exchange for a certain percentage. There are different models of affiliate programs: with payment for a purchase, placing an order, viewing, clicking, etc. When placed on popular venues, an affiliate program can be a great source of sales.

5. Streaming

“Wenn Sie ein Live-Publikum anziehen möchten, Ihr online casino echtgeld in Aktion zeigen und nur eine nicht triviale Promotion durchführen möchten, wählen Sie Streaming”.(translation: If you want to attract a live audience, show your casino in action and just do a non-trivial promotion, choose to stream.)This is a broadcast of interaction with a product or service, which takes place online. Due to the increase in speed and accessibility of the Internet, streams have become widespread. To conduct a stream you need a good leading and uninterrupted Internet. A few days before the stream, you need to make an announcement of the event and periodically remind about it.

What will a well-organized casino stream give?

• introduce players to the products;

• perfectly play on the positioning of the institution as modern and technological;

• affect public opinion regarding the casino;

• Allows you to answer questions from viewers about the product and collect feedback.

6. Analytics

You have read our article and determined for yourself which tools you want to use. We launched contextual advertising on the site with films, found a blogger for the stream, ordered SEO texts. And something seems to be happening, but what exactly is hard to say.

This is where analytics come in handy. With tools like Google Analytics, which integrate into the software of online casinos, you can perform simple operations, such as traffic estimates, count conversions and create dashboards. Well, optimize the budgetFree Articles, of course.

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