How to Recover AOL Account if Lost Password

Besides, if you don’t know how to recover the AOL account password and wonder about the AOL account recovery process, you should go through this post. Here you will get a step by step instruction to recover your account. So, go through it.

AOL account is quite famous with the people of USA for its customer friendly web services. However sometimes users are unable to access the AOL account because they end up forgetting the password of the AOL account.

Recovering the AOL account

Once you are assured that you have totally forgotten the password of the AOL account then take the help of AOL Account recovery mediums to reset the password. To reset the AOL account, follow the below given steps to fix the issue.

Steps to recover the forgotten password of the AOL account

Using the alternative email address

Have you been bothered because of the AOL password? if yes then to recover the lost password, you can use the alternative email address by which you will receive one recovery code on email. As you receive one code, you can enter that and then set one password of your choice. You can re-enter the password to confirm and you will be done.

Taking the help of recovery phone number

If you use the medium of recovery phone number for the AOL account recovery then you will get a security code on text. Enter the code in the security box and then try to enter a new password in the box. Re-enter the password to confirm and then you will be done.

Tips to set a strong password in the AOL

Contacting the customer care team of the AOL

Just in case you are still not able to recover the password, then contact the customer care team of the airline and request them to reset the password. You can contact the customer care team of AOL via email or phone.

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