How to recover Yahoo Account from account security page?

Do you have multiple email accounts? However, multiple accounts are operated by a single user is quite common these days.

It may be due to many reasons, such as professional or business requirements. With this being said, it also comes with the common problem or side effect of forgetting passwords or the account itself. Yahoo Mail thus provides an easy but highly secured option to recover the password of your Yahoo Mail account or in that case your yahoo Account. Today we will provide you with an insight on Yahoo Account recovery from the account security page. It is straightforward and easy provided you have with you the required alternate options of recovery mentioned in the extract below. There are usually three options for how to recover Yahoo Account. The options being your Sign-in email address or mobile number, your Recovery phone number or the recovery email address.

To access any one of these options you simply need to go through the steps below.

Option 1: Recovery using Alternate Email Address

In this method, once you enter your alternate email addressArticle Search, a password recovery link will be sent to the same email address. You need to click on the link to be re-directed to the password reset page where you just have to enter and reenter a new password and click on “Save” thus recovering your password.

Option 2: Recovery using the registered Recovery Phone Number:

This option for how to recover Yahoo Account involves entering a few missing digits of your registered phone number which is displayed on the account verification page. Once you enter it and click on “Submit” an OTP will be sent to the registered Recovery phone number. Entering the OTP will take you to the password recovery page where you can reset your new Yahoo Mail password and access your Yahoo Account.

Option 3: Recovery using Secret Security questions:

Answering the “Security Questions” is the option that you may have to use in case you do not have access to your alternate e-mail address or the registered recovery phone number.

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