How To Set And Achieve Any Goal

Everyone has to have long and short term goals, the short term goals are often the building blocks to the longer term goals. They are the pre requisites to achieving those long term goals and meeting your ultimate vision. But how exactly can you ensure that you are going to meet your goals? Well do you know what? The amount of information there is out there on goal setting, it’s very hard to determine the exact formula if it indeed exists at all, on setting and achieving goals. What I intend to do here is share with you the formula that has been used by many well-known entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins Matt Morris and myself also, to make reaching your goals much more fun and also likely! You cannot guarantee anything in this life, but you can sure make it easier!

The Steps

So I am going to jump straight into what it is you need to be doing first hand when you want to achieve something, whether that be short range or long range. Let’s say that you have a goal to create a business that has an annual profit of £$100,000. If you are creating this business from scratch then it is more than likely that this would be a long term goal. You need to decide first exactly what you want and when you have done this, it is time to break it down and zero in. How exactly? Well its quite simple really, you need to break it down into months, weeks and days, how much of the products/services do you need to sell each day, each week and per month? Once you work back through this, you can then go about working out how much advertising and promotion you will need to do. As Zig Ziglar once said, “you can eat and elephant, one bite at a time”.

Once you have broken your goals down to manageable to chunks of information, you then have to zero in on your deadline. Deadlines are important for many reasons, but for me it’s the small amount of added pressure it gives you which is vital, it makes it clear to you that you only have a limited time frame which will inspire you to start moving and get things done!

You also need to have an exact date in mind for when you are to complete your goal, you must have it clear in your mind and be so sure of its completion that actually you look at the time frame in-between as “buffering” time to achieving your goal.

Lastly, you need to visualise you having already reached your goal, this is slightly more difficult for most people and requires a strong mental attitude. You need to see and believe yourself already being at that stage of completion, if you can consciously believe that you have completed your goal, your subconscious mind will find a way to ensure that you do not fail. When you awake and before you retire in the evening, envision your success and believe that it has already happened. This is where many people go wrong so consider this a gypsies warning if you are doing this already, do not say that you are striving for somethingArticle Submission, but instead begin to believe that you are already at your end destination.

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