How To Set Up Free Email Accounts

For routine emails I mostly use my hotmail account as it is the right place to do online shopping and casual interactions. My free email account in hotmail has a fun name showing my general attitude about the messages I send from there as they are all amusing and chatty. I especially like my hotmail account because it provides a wonderful anti spam feature. This anti spam is so great because it puts unwanted email into a junk folder and doesn’t block your inbox.

I use my Yahoo free email account for some more serious communications such as contacting my online learning instructors or doing my freelance writing assignments. I chose a more serious name for my free email account in Yahoo as it relates to the messages that come from my account which are studious and proficient. This account also has a good anti spam feature that keeps possible junk mail away from my inbox folder.

As I mentioned above, my third free email account is with my high speed cable Internet provider. The cable company I chose offers free email account to its customers. These accounts are suitable for keeping messages for friends and relatives. I hardly ever give my high speed cable email account to anyone, so I have no spam and few messages. In case I used this account more and got more messages in it, then I would take advantage of the anti spam feature my cable internet company offers and it would stop unwanted junk mail.

Nowadays everyone should have an email account. Most of the people have one or more email accounts. There are some people willing to pay for the service but you can easily save some money by conducting a little research and set up reliable free email accounts. If you chose to have several email accounts you would be able to organize your messages into different categories for family and friendsArticle Search, for work and other.

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