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A tax consultant is person who is specialist in tax laws and is an expert in financial matters. In some of the most popular nations tax consultants are required to verify the balance sheets of firms so that it doesn’t cross certain limit. The Tax consultants are required for the reasons like who can Teach and give basics about tax, who can Help individuals to minimize taxations, who can easily Account to reduce the tax of a person, where as In some cases the tax knowledge about the salaried employee, the Tax on clubbing of incomeThere are many different categories of tax consultants in India. It totally Depending on the tax applied on various things various tax consultants or tax consultant firms are available. The various kind of tax consultants are as the Direct tax consultant and the In Direct tax consultant. There is lots of tax consultant in Delhi which help you on the basis of services. The main tax services include:-1. Routine Compliances viz returns filing, opinions etc 2. Permanent Account Number (PAN)3. Ticklish issues viz Tax withholding (TDS)4. Representation before Tax Authorities 5. The Approvals from the Authorities viz custom, CBDT, Income Tax Services Authorities 6. Transfer Pricing 7. The Taxation modeling, which would involve validation of tax assumptions built into financial and business models 8. Planning for the achieving of the Mergers, Acquisitions, Demergers, re-organizations. 9. The very Effective tax management, tax structuring and advisory services for local and international clients in the area of corporate and personal taxation. 10. Expatriates Taxation 11. The Advisory services that to reduce the implications under Fringe Benefit Tax.Taking about the vat consultants they work with a wide range of businesses as well as assisting our accountancy colleagues unravel the thorny VAT issues for their clients. There are many well known and highly regarded by the profession. The company’s helpline is widely used by firms all over the UK – it costs nothing to chat through an issue with one of our consultants and all our clients find this an extremely useful service.  365companies can provide consultancy in the Registration under VAT in Delhi VAT Act, Registration under CST Act, Online Filing of Returns, Rate of Tax under Delhi VAT Act, Consultancy of deposit of VAT, Consultancies on VAT and CST Act, Taxability of Sale of fixed assets, Objections, appeals. In the country of India it does not have a classic Value-Added Tax (VAT) structure. Where as it is instead, separate tax on sale of goods and on rendering of services is imposed under different legislations. The Sales and purchase of the material and goods is subjected to charge of sales tax. It is also set as the standard rate of VAT is 12.5 per cent and there is reduced rate of 4 per cent. But also besides that, there are a total exemptions and the rate of 1 % and 20 percent for specified products.

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