How to trick Adsense Approval


As you can see, Google AdSense is a wonderful tool, and
allows website owners and bloggers alike to serve up advertisements on their
pages that are effective and unobtrusive. But can you really make money off
these ads? Well, the answer is yes, but how much depends on what your site is
about (site content), how well it is set out or site design, and how many
visitors you get.


There have been many incidences where the Google Adsense
Account Activation requests of many publishers were rejected by Google. And as
Google does not state the exact reason why the Request wasn’t approved, it
keeps the publisher wondering what he did wrong.


It must be noted that Google is getting very strict these
days regarding the Adsense Account approval as people are trying to Fool the
Advertisers and Make easy money. People from the Asian Sub-Continent have been
increasingly caught in Adsense Fraud Activities so the rules are stricter for
them. Let us consider a few reasons why adsense account request of Publishers
is not being approved.

One should always read the guidelines and terms of service of
any site you are joining and signing up. This is also another topic that the
mourning is often pretty loud when a user tried to get an account for a blog or
website approved but Google does not accept it. As the account is then
immediately automatically blocked, you can’t try it again and sign up with the
same email address, name and postal address. To know ‘how to tick adsense
approval’ you must know what quality
required for approve adsense that is below.

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