How to Turn Your Marketing Into a Money-Making Machine – Setting the stage for successful Marketing – Setting the stage for successful Marketing

Powerful Marketing has become elusive to many companies seeking strong sales results and overall growth. The sad truth is that Marketing comes across as a rather frustrating process. After all, how do you guarantee the outcome of a campaign when it is unclear what will work and what will not? As someone once said, 90% of Advertising doesn’t work—the question is, which 90%!

If we could hone in on that 10% that does work, we would do more of it, right?

The good news is that there is a way, and it is through a scientific approach to our Marketing efforts. But before we can expect to see any results, our mindset must be a focused one, and that requires being on the same page with others on our team, and having solid sources of information (and inspiration!) accessible to allow us to forge ahead in a new direction.

Getting There

There is a place where ideas can happen, where our flowing creativity can give rise to new ways, new possibilities in our thinking. If we are going to increase our Marketing results, that openness must be firmly in place, allowing ideas to bounce freely and solutions to present themselves.

If you are not convinced that your Marketing needs help, ask yourself these questions (and get your team involved!):

* Am I, or are we as a company, resisting change?

* Are there those on our team who come up with great ideas but these are quickly shot down in favor of the status quo?

* Is our Marketing stale, lacking life, and not producing for us?

A “yes” answer to one or more of these questions means that there is room for improvement. And unless you and others involved are determined that change is essential, it will never happen, and any potentially great idea will never come to fruition.

Places to Start

One undeniable place to start, once you have decided to charge ahead, is a most excellent book titled Scientific Advertising. This brilliant publication, which came out in 1923 (no less than 80+ ago!), was written by a very successful adman, Mr. Claude Hopkins.

As the title clearly suggests, Marketing and Advertising can indeed be approached scientifically. Through tracking of various efforts—the success of a headline, copy, the rate of response to a coupon, or other call to action—what works can be determined, as well as what doesn’t. In a nutshell, follow Claude Hopkins’ ideas even today, and you will turn your Marketing 180 degrees.

As the preface to the book says (and I paraphrase somewhat here): “This book is hopelessly out of date, but amazingly current.”

To those who know this powerful book, it is the Bible of Marketing. Read it, and read it again. Implement what it propounds, and you will see the changes—the content is as true today as it was when it was first published.

Use this as your starting point, and see your Marketing truly produce the results that you expect. Never again leave campaigns to chanceArticle Search, and really know what works towards creating a money-making machine!

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