How You Can Get A High Limit Credit Card


Most people can receive credit cards – but not everyone can receive a high limit credit card. Perhaps the cards that you receive are for $5,000 or less, and although these cards might come in handy and are very beneficial to help you build a good credit score, they do not provide as much buying power as higher limit cards. You can work towards receiving a high limit credit card – but it will take some time to achieve.Getting Your High Dollar CardWhen credit card issuers (which are usually banks) issue you a credit card, your creditworthiness and previous credit performance are big determinants of how much of a credit line will be extended on your behalf. Most of these card issuers have a formula that they use to determine the line of credit that they will offer you – and very few of them go past the bounds that are set or predetermined based on your credit score, income, and ability to repay them for the charges that you incur on your card.Working Towards Raising Your LimitsTo receive higher limits on your next credit card, you must be proactive in your quest. When you apply for your next credit card, search out cards that feature high lines of credit – usually this is advertised in the credit card offer or on the website of the credit card issuer. Many offer credit limits of $25,000 or more. Seeking out higher limit cards is a great way to get one – you have always heard that you will not get something if you do not ask for it – and this holds true with higher lines of credit in most instances.Once you have submitted your application and been approved for your credit card, you can always contact the issuer if the credit limit is not high enough to meet your needs. Many credit card issuers will significantly raise the credit limit on your cards for you with just a simple phone call and a request from you to do so. This holds true for the credit cards that you might have in your wallet as well. If you have good credit, there is a great chance that you can get your card limits raised substantially.Multiple Cards Serve Same PurposeFurther, you can always get several cards that each have a $10,000 limit. Many people find that this practice works well enough for making major purchases. Having a number of cards in good standing is also a great way to add points to your credit score that can lead to higher limit cards being offered to you.You can find the most reputable credit card issuers that offer higher limit cards by doing some comparison shopping online via the Internet. Because online lenders have more capital than local banks, they often offer cardholders higher limits of credit. Further, online lenders face more competition than a local bank would, which makes their rates of approval much, much higher.

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