How your HVAC contractor makes your Home Energy-Efficient


Winter is approaching and it’s the time of the year you would be thinking of keeping your energy bills low, while keeping your home warm and comfortable during the cold months ahead. HVAC systems usually consume the most energy in your home. A home owner should always be looking for ways to conserve energy, and make their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as energy-efficient and high performance as possible. Regular maintenance of the components in your central heating and air conditioning system by an authorized HVAC contractor is a smart way to keep it working efficiently. The components in an HVAC consist of a boiler, furnace or heat pump. Most homes in the US are heated by Natural gas, Propane gas or are oil fired or use electricity. Heating systems using Natural gas or Propane are preferred over oil fired systems as they are more efficient. Minor problems in the furnace and boilers can be taken care of by the home owner but if there are major gas leaks, when the control shut-off malfunctions, you should take immediate action and call a licensed, insured and authorized HVAC contractor. If you or a family member should smell gas in your home do not switch any lights or electrical appliances on or off. As fast as possible, extinguish all naked flames including fires, candles or a lighted cigarette and turn off any equipment in use. Do not attempt to find the source of the leak yourself or try switching off the supply by operating any valves. Leave your home, as soon as possible leaving as many windows open and keep your front door open. Call the HVAC contractor immediately to service the leak. Old equipment can be contributing to your fuel bills. A high-efficiency boiler or other HVAC equipment can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Installing boilers with programmer and properly adjusting your thermostat could help your home at a comfortable temperature without making your fuel bills excessive. If you turn down your thermostat by just 1 degree, you could cut your heating bills by almost one tenth. Keeping the thermostat in your water heater at a comfortable 140 degrees, can provide adequately hot water and bring down your energy bills. Consult your HVAC contractor on how to install the most energy efficient appliances. Another way to reduce your energy bills would be to insulate the attic and have double glazing in the windows. Always keep your equipment in tip top condition with regular servicing from an HVAC contractor. Oak Lawn, IL home owners can find licensed, bonded and insured professionals offering 24 hour emergency service.

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