HVAC Software: Why Majority of Service Providers Rely On It

What good software or automation can do to field services management has been rightly showcased by the success of new-age companies like ‘Uber.’ Not just in the transportation domain, but the use of field services management software has made its way in every domain of work.

As per a Capterra research around 97%, field service management (FSM) software users have reported witnessing some impact on their business after using the software and 47% of companies reported to witness an increase in their number of finished jobs per day.

Even in the HVAC industry, the field services can be effectively managed with the aid of specially designed HVAC software, and that is why the majority of service providers are relying on it. If you are still in doubt, then here are six reasons why field service management software is mainstream now and why everyone is relying on it.

1). Efficient Scheduling
When it comes to field services, job scheduling has always been one of the biggest problems for both in-house dispatchers and on-field technicians. HVAC work order software systems offer automated and real-time scheduling provision so that on-field technicians get the best order for completing the tasks.

 2) Skill Set Matching
To avoid blunders like sending the wrong technician for the wrong job, which will definitely put a huge negative impact on customers, these software systems can facilitate automated assigning of specific tasks to specific technicians, so that no technician get into the awkward situation of being placed in the wrong job, that too after spending his time and money on travelling.

3). Centralized Information
Field technician’s lack of information is the biggest barrier that obstructs him from rendering faster resolutions. HVAC software functions as a database of centralized information that can be accessed by the technician on a real-time basis so that he can have enough information available to him required for solving the issue. These software systems even have provisions to maintain job history and other task-related information available on any device.

5). Analytics and Reporting
Field service software HVAC can be utilized to capture the troubleshooting experiences reported by each field agent. In this way, a knowledge management system can be created, which can be accessed by the agents to get the insights of the troubleshooting process of a new problem. Also, the automated way of reporting provides the manager with efficient insights of productive time, resources, equipment and spares.

4). Improve Time-keeping
If the field technician has to manually feel his timesheet at the end of the day, then it becomes a time consuming tedious job as it is to be in the recall-and-file format, whereas if the same reporting can be done on a real-time basis, then time-keeping gets more accurate and organized.

6) Customer Communication
The software is also effective in streamlining the customer communication process through its various automated tools such as regular alerts, chatbots, emails, customer portal, mobile apps, etc. This establishes easy communication channels for the team members.

In Conclusion

HVAC software defines a good corporate standard for employees and ease-of-business standards for the customers. If you have not yet facilitated your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning field services with an FSM softwareComputer Technology Articles, then check out the online free demos without any delay and choose the right fit for your business to stay competitive in the market.

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