“Hypnotize” Your Reader Immediately!

Hypnotic Writing. Imagine for a moment, that you open up your email account to find the account is full of responses to an ad that you placed. Orders Galore!!! Your heart races…HOLY MOTHER OF ALL GET OUT!!!….You think to yourself, ‘SELF, It Finally Worked! It Finally Worked!!’

POP!… My imaginary pin has popped your bubble!!

Now think forward into a Life so stress-free, You can’t even imagine what it is like to have to Bills Piled High, a Broken Down Car, and have to eat Ham Sandwiches, Again!!


Can You Imagine!
That is a taste of ‘Hypnotic Writing.’
Your attempt is to get the reader into another frame of mind in which you are leading them to an imagined place that, you know, they desire to be. This type of ad copy is used to bridge the gap between you and the reader, and then give you control because you are the one suggesting that they take a minute to imagine the place that they desire, which in a sense shows the reader that you have the power to help that person get there for real.

Just the word ‘Hypnotic’ itself can lead readers to believe something else is going on to them besides what they are reading. The reader could be thinking or imagining all day long about what happened to them while they read the hypnotic information.

It’s really like ‘Planting a Seed,’ and the follow up by you is what will make the ‘SEED’ grow.

What I mean by this is that once the reader has your company or offer on their mind, it is up to you to follow up with the reader by keeping in constant contact with them. You keep this contact by the using the same method that you reached them with the first time. Within this method is when you can offer other levels of contact, products, or services.

Make believe for a second that You are on the of edge of a huge canyon, and down below is a Stampeed of Wild Animals running every where!

Dust and Chaos is Raging Everywhere!!

‘A Cool Breeze brushes accross your face, and you realize….I Made it to the TOP!’

Darn, there it is again…that ‘Hypnotic Writing.’

Use your Imagination when it comes to how you could utilize this technique in your websites, emails, and graphics.

Have an Extra-Ordinary Day, eRix

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