I have Bad Credit and I need Money

    Before you decide to get another credit card.  Work on your bad credit. Think of the long run and be patient. 


    If you are here, do not feel bad.  If you have bad credit, it is not the end of the world.  It is not fun to be in this situation.  Because of the economy, this world is somewhat adjusting to it, you are not alone.  The last thing you want to do is get another credit card.  Try to relax and get the stress out of you for the time being.  If you have no money to get caught up, then what are you going to do.


    Just imagine if a credit card never existed.  Yes they are good to have but, if they did not exist this world would not be conformed to them.  Things would be cheaper.  You could probably live happy on ten dollars an hour rather than twenty.  There would be no bad credit and people would not buy things they can not afford.  If you think about it.  There would be no debt, less stress, and a lot more peace.  Technology would hardly be but, if we never had it, why would we care.  People would be a lot more creative and active.


    Unfortunately, we are stuck in a world of debt and bad credit has put a label on peoples lives.  It is not your fault.  Maybe you have been irresponsible and yes you should work on that.  What I am saying is that, the credit card companies should be more careful of who they give to.  Of course they want to pump that money in right away.  They make up for you not paying, with all the added fees.  I had a credit card that was over the limit and I could not pay at the time.  I lost my job.  I thought about it, with all the payments and fees I have already paid them, it was about three hundred dollars more than I spent on my credit card.  It is almost not fair.  I did agree to the interest and the entire contract, so I was stuck.


    If you have bad credit, do not get another card.  Think small and try to find away to live with what you have.  If you need more money.  Think about getting a job over the weekend.  Use that as your spending money.  Use your full time job as a bill machine.  Do this until you are caught up.  I know it is hard to do,  no one wants to work more than they have to.  This is the reality we are in.  You might need to sell some stuff and live smaller.  Having patience, a plan and putting in some extra effort is your best chance of getting back on your feet.


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