I LOVE it when an idea and promotion come together

The money pouring into a bank account because of a perfectly matched promotion, price, people mix – nothing better. Which is part of the reason I have been slow on my posts – I promise to be more regular. Things have been busy – a very good busy.

Some important lessons I have learned over the past few weeks:

1) Get those newsletters in print! I know… I know…. (insert whining and excuses here)

– they cost money – they take time – they are difficult to do.


Which is exactly what I love about them.

If it costs money and involves extra work – people WILL NOT DO IT. Which is the exact reason YOU SHOULD.

If none of your competitors are doing it (because of the whiny excuses) they you are going to be THE ONE who stands out – right? I am always a big believer that you look at what the masses (or your competitors) are doing – or not doing – and DO THE OPPOSITE as them.

It only makes sense – the masses are not successful with their marketing, with their businessBusiness Management Articles, and with their $$ – so why on earth would you do the same as them. This is also another reason that I would never hire a financial planner who made less than double what I do.

Here is the results from one doctor (note: doctors usually do dry and professional stuff – this guys newsletter is hilarious! Very non-professional)… * increased revenue 169%

*and increased supplement sales 235% (for a brick n’ mortar business)

Hmmm… I don’t know about you… but THOSE are the kind of results I certainly like. You can hire it out! Outsource it. Find someone to do this for a year for you and measure what kind of numbers it pulls in. The hassle and investment will be paid back many times over (my own leads are 470% more profitable from my own newsletter).

2) Start testing multimedia with your websites

Video and audio can make a big difference… but how will you ever know unless you test?

I recently found a great service for adding video to your websites. They’re service has been awesome. And they have been instrumental in a techno-dunce like me to easily get video up on my site. My results show a fantastic improvement in sales… worth a test for your business.

3) Lock and load… When you are feeling overwhelmed with too much to do… lock yourself up and away from your office. Find somewhere with few distractions – and get busy. I did this a couple weeks ago for 3 days and did more copywriting than I had done in the last 2 months.

No excuses – the reason you are overwhelmed is because too many things are on your plate. Start getting rid of those things. Rent a hotel room if you need to – just get the heck out of your office – no checking email – no cell phone – get busy.

Trust me – when you accomplish more in those few days than you did in the last month – the few calls and emails you missed while away will be insignificant. Just try one of the 3 above – you will be amazed at what they can do for your business.

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