Idiots Guide to an American Express Credit Card Application


If you are planning on doing an American express credit card application, then this article is for you. Are you sick of getting lost within all those categories and fine print hoopla? It can sometimes be frustrating to apply to any credit card. Since this I have just encountered some problems in my own American Express application, I have decided to impart what I have learned through the experience so that others won’t have to go through the same thing. First, here is a brief introduction to the American Express Card:-The American Express is perhaps one of the first credit companies in existence. It is not only one of the first in America; it is also one of the first in the world. The bank was founded on the year 1850. At the present time, it is reportedly manned by more than seventy eight thousand employees. This huge card company is reputed for its first rate customer service, its’ instant purchasing efficacy, and lastly, for its many customer bonus benefits that keep the cardholders happy and content. So there you have it. If you so choose to go through with your American Express credit card application, then you have to keep in mind that there are four main types of cards. Now this is where the real tough part comes in. You have to be able to choose among the cards the one that is perfect for you. So therefore, you have to be able to pin down your specific needs. Before diving in on your application, it will save you a lot of time if you first sit down and figure out your: average monthly income, average monthly expenses, average monthly expenses on primary necessities only, and the future events that might affect these numbers. So once you compute those choose which of these would best suit you” The Blue CardLike the Green card, this one has regular automated bill payment as well as alerts regarding your account. It also has gives you reward bonus points per use. This card is also known for its great buyer’s guarantee.The Green CardThis is great for those who have big expenses because it has no predetermined spending maximum. The payments and notices regarding your account are sent automatically. This card is also great for people who are comfortable with having their card management accessible on the internet.The Gold CardThis gold card is better than the first too because, it has both the green and blue card’s provisions of no maximum spending limits and a points reward system. Aside from that, there are some travel and entertainment bonuses. The Platinum CardAnd finally, there is the platinum card. This has no spending limit, has damage insurance, car rental insurance, as well as travel and accident insurance.  There are also free bonus jet and limousine services that are offered along with the card.

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